ASN Christmas Party 2014


Dec 14


This is the third year we have had the pleasure of hosting this fantastic event. It is so much more than just a Christmas party, it’s a lovely community event. During the year we hold ASN (addition support needs) family fun away days for all the family to enjoy as well as running our Outdoor Learning projects, satisfying the curriculum for excellence that the local ASN bases and schools attend as well as supporting the local ASN football team, EKFC Sunday Club.


All the children that we work with during the year are then invited to join us with their families to enjoy our Christmas party. Santa starts off the day by arriving in his sleigh followed by a whole host of entertainment. This year we had the pleasure of Scottish boy band Rewind performing a half hour set and spending time signing autographs, Bob Bonkers entertained everyone with his balloon animals and bag of tricks, every child was invited to visit Santa in his Grotto to receive a gift, there was food and drink a plenty, various arts and crafts tables to be enjoyed and last but not least the bouncy castle!

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