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Apr 18


Ready… Steady… SOW! Grow Wild grant to help nurture nature

Before EKCT took ownership of K-Woodlands on behalf of the local community, the woods were largely neglected, overgrown and unloved, with little benefit to people or wildlife. Over the last year or so, with the help of our volunteers and visitors, we have improved the habitat greatly by allowing more light to reach the woodland […]

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Oct 17


K-Woodlands Paves Way to Safer, Happier, Healthier Community

On the western edge of town, sandwiched between College Milton South and Peel Park Industrial Estates, and a short walk from Hairmyres Station, is a little hidden gem – a patch of woodland which provides a much needed refuge for people and wildlife. Originally a quarry, the land was backfilled using the spoil excavated from […]

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