Community Gardens and Allotments with East Kilbride Primary Schools


Sep 12


This started in May with Greenburn Primary School in East Kilbride, which is an outstanding school for children with additional support needs.

Our partners are Active schools and East Kilbride Football Club who are helping us create social cohesion in the community by all of us working together to improve it as best we can.

This project is sponsored by LS Smellie, Alexander Watt Farm, Wiseman Dairies, Kean Construction (Scotland), Travis Perkins and B & Q.

18 beds have been planted with the following; turnip, carrots, runner beans, parsnips, onions, pumpkins, beetroot, cauliflower, peas, thyme, parsley, chives, basil and coriander. There are 6 more beds which we have still to populate.

We have also planted 12 trees; 2 different types of apple, plum and pear. We have also planted a field of potatoes in the hope that as long as the crop is ok at the end of October, when they are picked, that we can give every child a bag of them home as well as a selection of vegetables and herbs.

The second phase of the project started at the beginning of June when pupils and carers from Greenhills Primary school joined in with Greenburn Primary School. It was fantastic to see the children interacting with all aspects of the farm, farm animals and the basics of the community allotments.

The project will run with the school until the summer holidays begins. We then hope for the children’s parents to be able to continue this with them through out the summer and then for the school and ourselves to pick back up were it left off.

We are viewing this as a long term project with which we will build strong relationships in the community. To help us to continue to strive to make this project as enjoyable as possible we are looking for Volunteers who are interested in gardening. Please do not hesitate to contact if you would like some more information. All help is appreciated so please spread the word.