East Kilbride Community Trust, Lanarkshire Carers Centre & Hand Sanitiser


Sep 20


During the COVID 19 Pandemic, Lanarkshire’s third sector has been working hard to ensure that those most in need are looked after and their needs accommodated. East Kilbride Community Trust (EKCT) supports vulnerable individuals across East Kilbride in a variety of ways, including undertaking an organic fresh fruit and vegetable Food Growing Programme, and by working alongside like-minded voluntary organisations, like Share Alike, this locally grown fresh food is being distributed amongst those most in need.

Lanarkshire Carers Centre is another example of an organisation within the third sector that works with an all too often underrepresented group; non-paid carers. With a satellite office in the town, and as they specifically work with a group of non-paid carers within East Kilbride, they align well with EKCT’s articles of association and memorandum, making a partnership a natural step and a great fit. Barbara McAuley, Lanarkshire Carers Centre’s CEO and their EK Project Worker, Kimberly Sherry highlighted a gap in support for the large number of carers across East Kilbride during this health crisis, specifically having access to hand sanitiser. After being alerted to their need, EKCT were able to respond by sourcing a donation of 200 x 200ml bottles from a kind and anonymous local businessman who recognised that despite the expense, this was desperately needed by carers across the town.

Following on from the hand sanitiser handover, Barbara invited EKCT’s CEO, Monique McAdams, to help represent East Kilbride by joining Lanarkshire’s Third Sector Chief Officers Group (TSCOG). As well as this, Kimberly, Ailsa, Francine and Isbah from the Lanarkshire Carers Centre have plans to work with EKCT’s Development Officer, Jane McArdle, on several projects involving BAME and LGBTQ+ Communities, including K-Woodland events such as Lanarkshire’s 2nd ever PRIDE event; provisionally booked to take place on 27th September (watch this space). EKCT looks forward to progress this blossoming new partnership in the coming months.

In order to continue the work to deliver on projects like the Food Growing Programme at K-Woodlands and working alongside volunteers, EKCT are really appreciative of other members of the community such as Gordon McCulloch from GSS Contracts who, while dropping off recycling to use as planters, gave us vast quantities of hand sanitiser for volunteer and staff use. A second kind unsolicited gift of hand sanitiser was donated by Stephen Murdoch from Tyre Mania which was gratefully received and much needed by staff and volunteers. As well as the stocks provided for use at K-Woodlands, RAER distillery delighted EKCT by presenting the charity with another generous donation of hand sanitiser which has enabled the onwards donation to many worthy causes within the community and to those vulnerable members of the community across East Kilbride that EKCT already work with.