East Kilbride to fly the flag at town’s first Pride celebration this weekend


Jun 19


By Nicola Findlay

East Kilbride News

The family and autism friendly event will be held at K-Woodlands on Saturday and coincides with the 50th anniversary of the landmark Stonewall Uprising.

East Kilbride will host its very first Pride celebration this weekend.

The organisers of K-Pride hope the colourful event will bring people together from across the area to raise awareness and visibility of LGBT issues.

It also coincides with the 50th anniversary of the Stonewall Uprising – widely viewed as a turning point in the modern fight for LGBTQI+ civil rights.

The autism-friendly event will be held in K-Woodlands on Saturday from 1pm until 4pm.

East Kilbride Community Trust (EKCT), who run the woodland, are the main organisers of the event and are also celebrating their 10th anniversary.

Chief executive officer, Monique McAdams said: “East Kilbride has a population of 81,000 people and is still growing.

“Each year we look to exceed our community’s expectations by running over 200 good quality, well attended free events.

“Having our Community Woodland Engagement Officer (CWEO) funding confirmed for this next year was pivotal to our being able to organise this.

“As a charity we feel it’s crucial that we provide events for all of our community, promoting inclusivity, not only with words but by actions.

“We are honoured and excited to be hosting East Kilbride’s first autism and family friendly Pride event at K-Woodlands.”

Caroline Dryburgh is a young person from the LGBTQI+ community within East Kilbride, who is on the K-Pride organising committee.

She said: “It is important for those in the LGBTQI+ community and their supporters to have an inclusive event on their doorstep.”

Scottish Forestry development officer, Hugh McNish said: “Scottish Forestry is delighted to support the East Kilbride Community Trust in delivering their Pride event at K-Woodlands.

“We have an on going engagement programme right across the whole Central Belt which aims to encourage everyone to access their woodlands and greenspace. ”

The parade will assemble in the woodlands, between the entrances at 1 Burley Place, College Milton South and Redwood Drive, Peel Park at 12.45pm.

After setting off through the woods, the parade will arrive at the heart of K-Woodlands at 1pm where a range of stalls will be featured, including food, refreshments, music and various goodies available up until 4pm.