EKCT provides funds for EK Dementia Carers Group Christmas party


Dec 16


We were very proud to support the EK Dementia Carers group’s (based at Pine Crescent in Greenhills) Christmas Party again this year at the Inn on the Stroud, which was attended by almost 70 people.  Our Chief Executive Monique McAdams presented their Chairman Archie Buchannan with a cheque for £1000 to fund the party.  The food was exceptional as always as was the service.  The entertainment was Kindred Spirit (the two Brian’s) who were both fantastic.


This local charity offer an exemplar service of support to the local community. They do this in the form of supporting people with Dementia by taking them on various day trips to places of interest, providing them with support to access activities, and a change of scenery from their own living room. They provide an important service of support to the other family members in a form of short term respite which is much needed when battling this horrible condition.  If you think you would like to help them please get in touch with Brian Doig on 01355 244123 or by contacting him via their website