Family Fun-day at Loch Fyne


May 13


EKCT support family fun day to Loch Fyne for EKFC Sunday Club Kids. Another fantastic event was held this month when dozens of children and their families headed for a day of fun!

EKCT were pleased to organise in conjunction with the EKFC Sunday club an action packed day of activities for the fantastic children and their families that attend the football club each week. EKCT trustee James Kean personally supports this fantastic group by providing them with training facilities at his own home every Sunday and has done since the group’s inception.

Due to the specific needs of some of the group they needed to have a base that was indoor to ensure their well being and that on cold days that their needs are catered for. The group is looking forward to the change in the weather staying to allow them to move to the outside facility at K-Park Training Academy which is owned and maintained by the local charity.

The fun day took part on the first Saturday in May at Trustees Ally McCoist and James Kean’s homes in Loch Fyne to ensure as many of the families as possible were able to attend together.

EKCT Chief Executive Monique McAdams said:

“We had the pleasure of catering and looking after over 80 children and their families who were able to take part. We planned a range of activities so that there was something for everyone to enjoy. There was kayaking, archery, putting, football, nature trails, speed boating and sing songs. The best bit for the families was they all got to come along as a family and enjoy all the great experiences together”.

There was also a barbeque where the children and their families enjoyed a right good feed and the whole day had a cracking family feel to it. The Trust thrives on occasions like this and were more than happy to support an occasion for families to come together, enjoy themselves, and let their hair down especially those who due to circumstances may not get that chance very often.  It was wonderful for the Trust to be able to provide such a day of happiness and enjoyment – but it was even more pleasing to see everyone’s smiles!

Due to the success of the event EKCT hopes that it can become an annual trip.  Anyone interested in their child or children joining or volunteering at the Sunday Club please do not hesitate to contact us, details of how to do so are available on our websie.