Partnerships are a key to taking the charitable aims and objectives forward.  They enable us to help as many people and organisations as much as possible, in as short a time as possible.  


We pride ourselves on our flexibility.  Partnerships can be us, working along side a company, to help them to satisfy their corporate social responsibility, working alongside another charity’s, community group’s or cause’s to raise funds, awareness or funds and awareness, working with local schools to help them to satisfy the curriculum for excellence or working with police scotland to cut down the crime rate and save the crown money.


Charity’s also look for people to volunteer, fundraise and donate to help with the various aspects of the running the charity.  Partnerships can take many different forms.


Partnerships are a win, win for all parties involved.  Every person, professional, organisation, charity and community group will get a firm commitment, that we will help in as many ways as possible, to make our community better.


2012 –2014


Move the Goal Posts (MTGP)


This was one of our first major partnerships where we were able to evaluate and demonstrate that we were making a difference to the crime rate in East Kilbride and the surrounding areas.  The Choose Life Community League was moving to K-Park Training Academy in East Kilbride, in partnership with East Kilbride Community Trust (EKCT) in August 2012, as they shared our core values and had the best interests of their community at heart.  This partnership made both of us stronger and best placed to deliver our joint initiative to the people of East Kilbride.  The aim being to make the community safer, stronger, and healthier delivering a programme that enhances opportunities for all in East Kilbride.  Move The Goalposts is a Strathclyde Police Initiative. IT is a multi-partnership diversionary programme that utilises football as a ’tool’ to divert young people from gang participation, antisocial behaviour and alcohol and drug misuse.  The initiative has been recognised nationally as exceeding all expectations in relation to attendance and crime reduction. Strathclyde Police say that this initiative has saved the state over £2 million each year.




Work it Out


We partnered South Lanarkshire Council to help Pupils in their last official year of school from ASN high schools in South Lanarkshire with the transition from school to employment, further education or training.  We looked to help the pupils find a work placement and develop their personal skills.   Activities included a work placement which could lead to SVQ qualifications as well as problem solving and team building skills.




EKCT Outdoor learning Programme partnering charity Buddies field


This was our fifth year running our Outdoor Learning projects that satisfy from the early to the second stages of the “Curriculum for Excellence” with the local ASN Bases and Primary Schools in East Kilbride in the Trusts Community Outdoor Learning Area.  We partnering with another local charity Buddy’s field as we strived to make sure that our programmes continued to be well received, a valuable resource and that our lesson plans move with the times ensuring they take on board any changes to the National Improvement Framework for Scottish Education for Health and Wellbeing, literacy and numeracy.






We were proud to be chosen by the Kingsgate store as their Local Charity Partner.  It was a brilliant opportunity to interacting with the customers, spreading the word about the good work that the charity was doing in the local community, to the 40,000 visitors it received every week through its doors.  We very much enjoyed and appreciated working with Sainsbury’s colleagues in the fundraising campaign to ascertain a 17 seated minibus adaptable for wheelchair users, which then in turn allowed us as a charity to be able to run more much needed community projects.



2015 – 2016


Marks and Spencer

We were honored to be picked by the colleagues in the Kingsgate store as their Charity Partner.  They are helping fundraise for equipment for the Outdoor Learning programmes we run in conjunction with the local ASN bases and primary schools.