K-Park to add extension


Jul 12


EAST Kilbride Community Trust have announced their aspirations for the next phase of the K-Park project.

With the state-of-the-art football pitches up-and-running for over a year now, a 400-seater stand will be completed next month as the charity continue to upgrade the facility within Calderglen Country Park.

But the next phase, which is still at the design stage, will see EKCT construct a new sports hall that will incorporate an international size boxing ring, with associated equipment, and a multi-use area that can be used for sports such as netball and badminton.

This development will use existing ground adjacent to the full-size 11-a-side pitch and is subject to funding.

However, EKCT hope their plans will allow them to continue to open new avenues for the town’s sports enthusiasts and cater for all abilities.

Monique McAdams, EKCT’s chief executive, told the News: “We will continue to work on programmes in partnership with other bodies to get kids off the street, out of trouble and have a positive influence on their lives.

“This is something that we will strive to achieve so that all age groups and abilities are able to take part and enjoy the feelgood factor of sports like boxing.

“We intend to widen opportunities for more people to become involved in boxing, able bodied or not.

“While a handicapped teen may never reach the physical attributes of a fully able, championship boxer, consistent training can help mitigate some of the disabilities associated with his handicap.

“EKCT want to encourage people to get in shape and build confidence. The physical benefits of boxing training include agility, balance and cardiovascular fitness as well as improved strength and increased muscle definition. We will be promoting all of these attributes.

“And through the next phase of this project, we will provide the best possible opportunities for those involved to gain enjoyment and maximise their potential – as well as supporting those with talent to succeed at Olympic, Commonwealth, European and world level.”

Meanwhile, within the existing building, work is already well underway to bring a new fitness and wellbeing centre into play.

In May work began on the gym and physiotherapy area alongside two large changing rooms as well as additional referee’s room.

The new area will be specifically designed to recuperate and condition young athletes through their injuries.

K-Park fitness and wellbeing centre is due to open within the coming weeks and EKCT are looking for volunteers to assist in the running of the new service.

Anyone interested should contact EKCT on 01355 279204 or email

by Paul Thomson, East Kilbride News