Our Charities overall Aims


Jun 12


The East Kilbride Community Trust (EKCT) plan is to support and compliment South Lanarkshire Council’s health and well being programme in the particular context of East Kilbride.

Unlike other parts of South Lanarkshire we don’t have official areas of deprivation and therefore we cannot access funds to deal with those problems. But East Kilbride has a particular problem not recognised by official studies, namely our growing elderly population. Because the town was created and didn’t evolve like other areas our demographics are different from everywhere else. In fact our population of over 75’s will double in the next decade.  Health, well being and fitness are therefore at the top of our agenda.

East Kilbride was one of the 5 towns created in Scotland to combat urban decay originally after the Second World War.  It was built to take the overspill population from Glasgow.

East Kilbride has been rapidly growing and now has a population of 76,580 people. The town has a number of sports facilities in place provided by South Lanarkshire Leisure and other private sector providers, however, demand exceeds supply.  Which is where we have came in to help provide much needed recourses for the community as a whole.

We have ambitious plans to unlock the talents already embedded in our community and create sport and activity advisors across a range of interests and sports from allotments to yoga.  This ambitious plan will be realised by tapping into the broad range of experience that already exists and refining their talents through education.

We want every section of our community;  young, old, male, female,  people with a disability, people who face challenges of ill health or conditions that make life more difficult  – to participate in whatever programme, sport or activity they can manage or have an interest in.

We intend to engage with the East Kilbride Sports Council, Better Government for Older People, self help groups, charities and youth organisations to break down the barriers and maybe even some taboos that have prevented people getting involved in the past.

We aim to cover every part of our town and give every person in our community an equal opportunity to participate.  The vision of our trust is to create a multi-faceted community machine which will self generate funds to plough back into a range of sports, activities and programmes to promote health and well being across the community of East Kilbride.