Discover-K: Soil and Earthworm Survey

The woodlands are full of wonderful plants and animals, that can tell us lots about the local environment. Help scientists discover more about K-Woodlands by taking part in these survey training days. We will be training to carry out citizen science surveys which help researchers monitor the health of the natural world around the whole of the UK. 

The soil beneath our feet is vital to our existence yet it is poorly understood and often neglected. Dig down into the earth to find out more about the living breathing soil. Have a go at some simple soil tests to find out if it’s a sticky clay or dry sandy soil. Have a go a identifying some of the 27 earthworm species in the UK and learn how these critters are vital to soil health. 

Join Joanne Dempster, OPAL Community Scientist, on this voyage of discovery through K-Woodland. Please wear suitable outdoor footwear and clothing. Children must be accompanied by an adult. Places are limited and must be booked.