Seven day porridge challenge will raise awareness of world hunger


Sep 12


East Kilbride charity bosses set to eat only one bowl of porridge per day for a week to highlight poverty in Kenya.

Porridge. Everyone’s favourite winter warmer and the breakfast that’s takes you all the way through until lunch.

But what if, come lunchtime, there was no lunch? Or dinner for that matter?

In Dagoretti Corner Rehabilitation Centre in Nairobi, more than 300 children live on just one bowl of porridge per day.

Two East Kilbride charities are hoping to raise awareness and raise money, by attempting to eat what the children of Dagoretti Corner eat for one week.

Sean Walls of Sight Aid International – who work with children in Nairobi to provide glasses for those with poor vision – came up with the challenge.

Monique McAdams from the East Kilbride Community Trust, who have just entered into a charity partnership with Sight Aid, will also be undertaking the tough regime.

Sean, from Hairmyres, and two colleagues from the Optical Factory in the town raised more than £3000 last year from doing the porridge diet.

The brown, runny porridge that the children of Dagoretti get is filled with nutrients but, according to Sean, is insubstantial and foul tasting.

With just this in their stomach, children will run about in the sweltering heat all day and will attend school to learn.

Sean, who has a two-year-old son Benjamin, said: “We just take for granted the fact that we can open the fridge and find everything we need to eat in there.

“I just want to raise awareness that there are children, just like yours and mine, throughout Nairobi who don’t have enough to eat.

“These are the happiest kids you will ever meet and the fact that they have so much energy and life, when they are running on empty, is staggering.

“If we can raise awareness of this and raise money to make their lives better, to give them opportunities they don’t have now, then a week without solids will be more than worth it.”

Money raised will be split between a project in Dagoretti Corner and a community project for children in East Kilbride.

In a bid to show just how difficult it is to run on one bowl of porridge, Sean and Monique will be blogging on their trials and tribulations throughout the week.

STV Local community editor Kayleigh Mcleod will also be joining the seven day porridge challenge. The challenge begins on Monday (September 24) and both charities are hoping that big hearted East Kilbride volunteers will come forward to take part too.

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by Kayleigh McLeod STV Local East Kilbride