We smashed 10,000 signatures


Nov 18


It’s week one of our #SaveColeThomson Campaign.  

Cole Thomson is only 6 years old and has uncontrolled focal epilepsy of which he has now become drug resistant.  Unfortunately there has been a steady decline in his health since May this year. Coles speech, vision, movement and memory are all continuing to deplete and he has also developed Todd Paralysis. To date nothing has been able to stop his seizures.

Currently the next step in Scotland is invasive testing, where he has to get up to 16 holes drilled into his skull and electrodes inserted deep into his brain for up to 9 days when he will be bed ridden.  He has a 1 in 100 chance of not surviving the operation, to see if he is a suitable candidate for further exploratory brain surgery. 

We have sent a letter to the First Minister asking her to support Coles family to gain legal access to prescription cannabis based medicine for Cole.  This would be the step before invasive surgery which would give him the opportunity to try a more natural drug which has a very high success rate for children like Cole all over the world.

Chief Executive Officer, Monique McAdams, said,

“We set our selves a goal of 10,000 signatures and I’m over the moon to say we smashed it.  It’s a small victory but we will take it as a first step.  They say a weeks a long time in politics where anything can happen.  I’d say the very same thing about our first week in launching our campaign to the Scottish Government to give Cole Thompson legal access to prescription medicinal cannabis”.

The East Kilbride Community Trust were pleased that today in Scottish Government at General Questions that Coles Campaign was highlighted whilst we await our reply from the First Minister.

Shadow Secretary for Health and Sport, Monica Lennon raised the following question;

“Cole Thomson from East Kilbride is six years old. His mum Lisa Quarrell is desperately trying to find a cure for the crippling epileptic seizures that leave Cole paralysed and unable to speak. So far Cole has not been prescribed the medicinal cannabis that could greatly help his condition. Cole has touched the hearts of thousands of people already and a petition led by East Kilbride Community Trust is pushing for urgent action. Time is not on Cole’s side. Will the Cabinet Secretary do everything she can to ensure Cole gets the medicine he needs”

Cabinet Secretary for Health and Sport, Jeane Freeman replied,

“I’m grateful to ms Lennon for her supplementary question and I absolutely understand the issues she is raising and the distress and upset that is caused to the family.  The issue around the prescribing of the medicinal canibas of course rests on the regulatory changes from the UK Government – they came into effect on the 1st November and we issued guidance to our health boards and practitioners very quickly at that time.  I am happy to look further at this case and to speak with the member concerned around the particular questions that it raises and to see what further we can do as a Scottish Government and as a health service to assist in this matter”

Coles mum, Lisa Quarrell, said, 

“Time is of the essence for Cole.  It’s frustrating that even although on the 1st November this year, the Home Office handed over the responsibility to the Scottish Government to distribute prescriptions for medicinal cannabis to children, that Cole doesn’t tick their box.

Cole is falling through a bureaucratic crack, he doesn’t have Lennox Gastout Syndrome, or Dravettes and right now we don’t know if he’s unsuitable for further brain surgery.  Unless we put him through an evasive testing procedure that he might not survive he can’t be deemed eligible, thats crazy.  It’s unforgivable for anyone to think that this is an acceptable way to determine what quality of life a six year boy will have for the remainder of his life”.

The East Kilbride Community Trust are pleased that the parliamentary question to the Health Secretary has highlighted our #SaveColeThomson Campaign and look forward to ensuring that the cross party support continues to ensure Cole gets the medicine he needs before it’s too late.

Please support our campaign to Save Cole Thomson by allowing him to get prescription cannabis based medicine.  Please Click HERE